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Full: Standard Account

$ 39 /month
or  $ 429 /year

Unlimited System Diagrams

Unlimited Customers and Floor Plans

Service Calls with Techforce Mobile

Up to 1 Full User

Up to 3 Job Only Users

Full: Premium Account

$ 69 /month
or  $ 759 /year

Unlimited System Diagrams

Unlimited Customers and Floor Plans

Service Calls with Techforce Mobile

Up to 2 Full Users

Up to 5 Job Only Users

Manage Your own Part Catalog

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Diagram Account Plans & Pricing

Diagram: Standard

$ 12 /month
or  $ 132 /year

Unlimited System Diagrams

1 User

Full Library of Parts

Diagram: Premium

$ 27 /month
or  $ 297 /year

Unlimited System Diagrams

Up to 3 Users

Full Library of Parts

Manage Your own Part Catalog

Diagram: Free

$ Free

5 System Diagrams

1 User

Full Library of Parts

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I am a Contractor

As a contractor, with one of our Full Plans, you will organize your wiring diagrams, and your customers. You need to diagnose issues quickly and get the correct information to your techs hassle free.

  • Wiring Diagrams with Real Parts
  • Customer Floorplans and Riser Diagrams
  • Detailed Service Calls
  • Mobile Access to Service Call Details for your Users and Job Only Users

I am a Manufacturer

As a manufacturer, with our Diagram Premium Plan, you will maintain your catalog on Techforce Pro so contractors have your latest to use with their customers. Use Techforce Pro to create wiring diagrams for your documentation. Ask about our Part Creation Service to make your parts easy to use in diagrams. Make your Catalogs public on and receive this plan at no charge! Contact Us to sign up for this plan.

  • Wiring Diagrams with Your Parts
  • 3 Free Parts from our Parts Creation Service
  • Manage your Catalog

I am a Manufacturer and Contractor

As a Manufacturer and Contractor, with our Full Premium Plan you may keep your product private between you and your service team. Use Techforce Pro for all the reasons you see in the previous boxes, plus publish service calls to third parties who only need to see what they need to get the job done.

  • Wiring Diagrams with Your Parts
  • Manage your Customers and their Systems
  • Service Calls to Users and Job Only Users
  • Service Calls instantly on Mobile Devices

Frequently asked questions

What happens after the trial ends?

During the trial period, you will have the Full Premium Account to try everything out and determine what suits you best. After your trial ends, you're account will be limited to the free account. All of your users, customers, jobs and diagrams will be kept, but will not be accessible until you purchase a subscription. Special consideration will be applied on a case by case basis.

How are updates applied?

In order to keep everyone informed of changes that will take place, emails are sent two weeks before a change will take place. All features are requested and voted on by you, our customers. To see what changes are coming, check out the top voted features.

How do I request a part or feature?

Once logged in, there is a single click "Request Feature" button that allows you to make a feature request. For parts, we will get it in the parts search ASAP!

What is the difference between a "Full User" and a "Job Only User"

A "Full User" can see all company diagrams, customers, and jobs. A "Job Only User" can only see jobs that they are assigned to, and the diagrams in the job. A "Job Only User" can also modify diagrams that are in the job.